Monthly Archives: January 2014


Utopia, Vtopia. Let’s not call the whole thing off. The first volume of the Open Source Classics series is St. Sir Thomas More’s Utopia. (St. Sir! How many other people get to say that?) It’s first because I love Utopia.

What’s not to love? Attacking King Henry VIII was so politically dangerous that More had to write in Latin and publish on the continent. So More went and did it. Then there’s the over the top description of what the Utopians do.

If you’re looking for the original Latin of More’s Utopia and an English translation, this is for you. Just head on over to Amazon for a copy. A very generous preview (50% I think, and cheap for full access) of an e-book is at Scribd. I’m not going the Kindle route just yet because of the parallel text.