About me

facegraphicHi. My name is Pete Sipes. I run this site.

I’m a linguist. Just ask me about syntax trees, and I’ll chew your ear off. I’m also a Latinist. As me about Latin, and I’ll chew your ear off. I’m not a professional Hellenist, but I do love Ancient Greek too. And out of all of this, I love to teach. There’s something about getting smart about a topic and breaking it down so that other people can understand it that gets me out of bed in the morning. Well, only in a metaphorical sense. My kids are the ones who literally wake me. I’ve got two of ‘em. And a wife. I think they’re pretty good. 

Anyway. Teaching. I love making hard things accessible. That’s why I’ve got the Latin stuff up. That’s what I do the Open Source Classics. Isn’t it lucky I know how to make a book? I try to make books that don’t exist but would be cool to have.

Finally, I live in Chicago. It’s a great city. I’ve lived in Maine and the UP too. Also great places. I try to get around, but small kids. I also love baseball, but no one is willing to pay me for that, so please buy my books instead.

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