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Why so quiet?

I’ve been working on a big project. A few really. Here are some things to look forward to from me over the rest of this year:

  • Via Latina: Words (August)
  • Imitatio Christi: The Imitation of Christ (September?)
  • Even more Gesta Romanorum! (ongoing)
  • de Senectute commentary (ongoing, hopefully early 2015)
  • Suetonius’s Vita Neronis (ongoing, hopefully late 2015)

I’m looking for an artist who can do illustrations for a project for next year. Sadly, I’m not a big budget enterprise, but the timetable is long.

Numbering the Gesta

Since the Gesta Romanorum are numbered and the numbering is a mess, I thought I’d put together a spreadsheet of various numbering systems. Oesterley seems to be the most authoritative previous editor, so I’m going with what he’s done already. No sense in reinventing the wheel. A big problem with this is that it almost seems better suited for a database than a spreadsheet. It would make for a pretty cool website, but that’s my direction of nerdiness.